Brainstorming Made Better

Ideanote is a platform that helps businesses capture, develop and share ideas efficiently.

A central hub for ideas
Ultra fast idea generation
A proven ideation process
Easy sharing and invitation
Built-in impact tracking

What is Brainstorming?

It’s not enough to “mindmap” ideas. You need to move them forward. Let’s get real. It’s not about ideas. It’s about making them happen. Your team needs more than a brainstorming tool. Cut the clutter and empower your people with a structured workflow that turns ideas into action, with Ideanote, your online idea sharing platform.

Track the impact of the ideas you collect.

Lean back as Ideanote analyzes and produces actionable insights. Learn what kind of ideas are completed, identify bottlenecks and improve the way you share ideas.

Generate ideas. Better. Faster. Together.

Create goal-oriented idea collections that inspire and engage people. So you can collect more of the right ideas – every day.

Accelerate ideas with a proven process

Ideanote gives you the perfect balance of simplicity and function. Develop, prioritize and act on ideas in effective bite-sized stages.

Involve more people in your brainstorming

Easily and securely involve everyone that matters–inside or outside your organization. Ideanote can be customized to match the your organization and grows together with your business. It adds the structure that effective brainstorming needs - at scale.


Say so long to the clunky, disconnected ways to reach for ideas - launch goal-driven Brainstorming right in your workspace, and collect ideas with a click.

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Keep people engaged in your Brainstorming. With Ideanote, you can be where your people are and make Brainstorming simple and engaging or everyone.

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Keep moving the right ideas forward. Prioritize incoming ideas and take the best to action faster with a fully stacked Brainstorming suite.

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Measure your Brainstorming performance. Identify top performers, track your impact, and easily communicate your Brainstorming success with a platform that tracks your progress from day one.

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Bamboo HR
Breezy HR

Seamlessly automate your Brainstorming. Stop running Brainstorminglike it's 1995. Connect Ideanote with the tools you already use and build Brainstorming workflows that are ready for the modern workplace.

Ideanote plays well with apps you're already using. With our ever growing list of integrations you can do even more with your Brainstorming

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