Why ask for Idea Management?

Do you ever feel like you could contribute a great deal more than you do in your company?

If only you were involved in decision-making…If only you could participate in that meeting that your supervisors have organized… If only you would get that good idea that you usually get during your morning run, at the meetings…If only you could speak up during meetings…If only you could talk to the CEO…If only you could be more involved…And you ought to be! Of course, you want to share your ideas. Of course, you want to learn and grow. Of course, you want an exciting workplace where you can be involved in different challenges.

It’s time to voice these desires. Put an end to the “if only”! Start asking for idea management in your company today. Start sharing ideas and contribute to problem-solving in the easiest way possible. An idea management tool turns all these “if only” scenarios in history. How come? I’ll tell you.

But first, allow me to remind you what an idea management platform is.
What is an Idea Management Platform? It is a digital tool that facilitates problem-solving by involving departments of a company into the process.It is easy to access by everyone in the organization which promotes an inclusive and positive work culture. Moreover, it encourages transparency and innovation that otherwise would not happen. Read more about it here.

An idea management platform allows you to: be involved; skip hierarchy; replace brainstorming sessions; access and share information easily; prove yourself and grow.You can read more about the benefits of using it in your company here.

Get involved

Idea management makes it easy for everyone to get involved. No matter the issue, whether you are an expert, or in a completely different work-field, you can share your input. Being involved also means that you stay up to date with what is going on in the company. You get the full picture instead of mere snippets. In some situations, you can even use that information to improve your own work.

Another advantage of involvement is the opportunity to make a difference. You get to showcase your problem-solving talents or your ingenuity. Plus, you know that all the relevant parties will be able to see and appreciate your input.
How many times have you seen your colleagues gathering for a meeting and thought that you would also have something valuable to say? An idea management platform breaks the barrier of a meeting invitation and allows everyone to take part in the ideation process. It’s the best alternative to having a meeting with your CEO for example.This brings us to the next benefit.

Dissolve bureaucracy and skip hierarchy

How often is a meeting with the CEO even attainable? Between a busy schedule and having a team of experts to consult, the odds of the CEO listening to you one-on-one, are small. Now, you don’t have to book that meeting anymore. Go and post your idea on Ideanote. The CEO and other relevant team members, like for example a project manager, will see your post. Now you’re much closer to bringing your idea to life.
There’s no need to fill out a form to express a concern. There is no need to book a time with the CEO or the manager. You write down your ideas and select the relevant people you think should see what you have to say. It’s that simple.
The digital feature gives you the opportunity to contribute on the go from wherever you are in the world as long as you can connect to the internet. You wouldn’t email your supervisor at midnight. But what if that’s when you get a great idea? You might forget it until the morning or even talk yourself out of sharing it with someone else. At Ideanote, we say good ideas get lost unless you share them. Now you have the opportunity to share an idea at any time of the day or night. More than that, an idea gets picked fair and square. On our idea management platform, everyone can support an idea based on different criteria. The most used criteria are time or money involved in making it happen.

Stop wasting your time in brain-storming meetings

Group brainstorming is not effective. Here’s why, as explained by the Harvard Business Review:

Free riding (or social loafing): People feel like doing less when others take the lead. Why do the work yourself when someone else is doing it for you? Plus, people have different ways of thinking. Some think better in writing, some like to voice ideas out loud. One’s way may disrupt the thought process of another.

Shyness or social anxiety:: People sometimes worry about what others think about their ideas. Overthinking makes them reluctant to share with a group. Or they don’t feel confident enough about their idea, or they are introverts. In any case, a group brainstorming session is not where they shine.

Going with the crowd (or regression to the mean): In a group, the talented ones will start matching their performance with the less talented ones. High-performers need to surround themselves with people who keep inspiring them to grow.

Writer’s block (or productivity block): The best ideas come when you are by yourself. Routines and relaxing activities help you to come up with ideas. For example, studies show that some of the greatest ideas can come to you when you shower. Also, the number of ideas per person declines the larger the brainstorming group gets.

Access and share information easily

Ideanote is a digital platform that makes idea management easy for everyone. The onboarding is easy and the platform is user-friendly. Get used to the platform in no time and save a lot of time in the long run. Simply share your ideas with the rest of the team or comment and support the ideas of others. Idea management provides access to information. You can now stay updated with what is going on in the company, not only in your own department. This way, you have a better understanding of the overall activity and goal of the company. Therefore, it is easier for you to contribute.
Plus, you won’t be taken by surprise when something changes in the company. Rather than that, you will have a say in the decision-making process.

Prove yourself and Grow

Contribute with ideas or let your problem-solving skills and innovative mind shine. An idea management platform makes it easy to be involved in tasks outside your field and to prove what you can do. Sometimes, a distinct way of thinking can be enough to solve a problem.
With an idea management platform, you know for sure that your idea will be “heard”. Your supervisors see who engages on the platform and who has the most innovative ideas. Well deserved praise is on its way.
An idea management platform gives you the perfect opportunity to develop. Instead of going to work to do more of the same every day, you now have an opportunity to involve yourself in exciting projects, even outside your field of work. Thinking outside of the box and reflecting on solving challenges, improves your own skill set. Moreover, work keeps being exciting and satisfying.


An idea management platform allows you to be more involved and keeps you in the loop about what is going on in the company. It allows you to dissolve bureaucracy and skips hierarchy. With an idea management platform, you get to use your time more efficiently and don’t have to sit through brainstorming sessions anymore. You now have access to information and an easy way to share your ideas. Idea management keeps things exciting and breaks routines. You can contribute to different projects, even outside your field of work. No more boring days at work. You now can be involved, keep acquiring new skills and constantly grow.

How do you prefer to share ideas? Tell us all about it!

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