The Connection Between Great Leaders and Idea Management

What is the connection between great leaders and idea management? The answer is pretty simple. Great leaders take idea management seriously…

Let’s take Google as an example because anyone and everyone should take lessons from a billion-dollar brand. Besides being a billion-dollar brand, Google is a leader on many levels. Besides being an advocate of data-based decision making, Google leads in employee branding, work culture, and innovation. How so?

Leaders in Google understand the importance of listening to others and working on their employee’s success rather than on their own. This leads to highly motivated employees, idea-sharing culture and finally, innovation. So, the key lies in listening to your coworkers and employees – with some help from an idea management software.

Great leaders listen to everyone they work with

Great leaders know the value and an importance of an idea. They also know how important it is to invest their time into gathering and evaluating ideas. Furthermore, great leaders know it’s more important to invest their time into listening to their coworkers rather than pushing their ideas out first, just because they can. It’s all about the knowledge of the crowd. Even though listening is just a first step in the journey of innovation, you have already done an important job. You have made your coworkers, team or employees feel engaged. You have listened to them and they already feel pride in being a part of decision making or taking the business to the next level. Working on the culture of sharing is important. Great leaders know that.

Let’s continue with the example of Google. How many times have you heard Google is one of the best places to work at? About a million, I know. According to PayScale, 86% of Google employees say they are either extremely satisfied or fairly satisfied with their job. It is also mentioned that employees are encouraged to work on their passion projects, engage and share ideas. Those ideas are then taken into an action, and the employees not only feel important, but they want to continue contributing.

Listening to your team has several benefits:

1.) Your team feels engaged and motivated.

2.) Improves communication.

3.) Creates a creative environment.

4.) You are able to hear ideas you wouldn’t come up with yourself. Innovation becomes teamwork.

The Connection Between Great Leaders and Idea Management

Idea management isn’t anything new at this point. By now, everyone who is serious about their team’s, company’s or businesses growth and innovation, already masters idea management. Great leaders especially. Listening can actually be digital. What great leaders do is they set up an account where all their team members, coworkers or employees have a chance to share their ideas. This is a smart way of listening because:

A) A really, really good idea can slip your mind when not written down.

B) You have an overview of absolutely everything, so it’s much easier to pick and choose the good ones and eliminate the bad ones.

Having a good overview is more than necessary. How many times has it happened to you, that you’ve heard something life-changing, but when the time came to implement it, it was gone? With an idea management platform, all these ideas will never get lost. And you can even get them in your mailbox! Leaders know that.

Creative leadership

The Balance defines leadership as the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. However, “leadership” is unfortunately often taken as a negative word. We have all heard the saying “It is lonely at the top.” There is a gap between leaders and their employees or their team. How to connect the two? Successful leaders know the importance of creative leadership. Creative leaders work together with their team towards innovative solutions, in the time of change. Idea management plays a big role in creative leadership. It surely shows everyone that there aren’t any limits when it comes to idea generation. Everyone can contribute, and everyone should. A mission you have created might be just up your sales departments alley, but you’ve been pushing it to marketing. Involving others in your idea generation process creates a culture of sharing and creativity.

It’s idea management o’clock!

The connection between great leaders and idea management lies in the awareness. Great leaders are aware they not only need an army of talented employees but also an idea management platform where that army can share their ideas. Furthermore, with a great overview of everything collected, leaders can do what they do best and make successful decisions. Innovation is teamwork – and great leaders are aware of that.

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