The world's first Innovation-Led Growth Platform.

Our company.

Being able to stay innovative in the global marketplace is more important than ever, but the expectations, routines and decentralized nature of work means it's harder than ever to make sure the right ideas are heard and moved forward.

That's why we created the world's first Innovation-Led Growth platform — to help businesses stay agile and competitive with platform that makes innovation easy to get started with and efficient for everyone.

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Office in Copenhagen

Our journey.


Founded in Copenhagen by Rune (CTO) and Andreas Mehlsen

The Ideanote founders discovered a deep shared pain in modern organizations where too many good ideas get lost.


Our first customers!

Danish companies Saxo Books and Callme are signed as first customers for the first version of Ideanote.


Seed Round by Monda Finance

After half a year with version 1.0 on the market Ideanote raises a small seed round to finance growth.


Nordic Startup Awards

Ideanote gains steam and wins best newcomer and people's choice awards in its first year of business.


Accepted to SingularityU

Ideanote moves from a small cellar to the high-rise across the street to grow together with other companies changing the future of work.


PWA launched

It's 2017 and native progressive web apps are the future. Ideanote can now be used on any device and installed as an app right from the browser.


Off we grow!

Expanded the team by 300% by hiring 9 employees. Ideanote expands to Swedish, Norwegian and German language markets.


Ideanote Enterprise

Ideanote signs its first 5 enterprise customers with branding, insights, custom widgets, SSO, 22+ languages and inbuilt natural language processing.



Ideanote is finally opening up the world with a long-awaited integrations marketplace, integrating with 2.000+ other apps.


Customer love

Surpassed 2.000 customers around the world managing their ideas with Ideanote. 500+ five-star reviews speak volumes and are spreading the news.


Expanding our brand

Launched our first books, the Innovation-Led Growth framework and the community site

How it started.

It’s 2014. A set of twins, Rune and Andreas Mehlsen, have just sold their App Store trending game to a Danish publishing house and are standing in its entrance hall. They’re blissful and they’ve already got the next idea.

They look to their left. A grey wall. They look to their right. A dark corridor that reeks of an this-is-how-we’ve-always-done-it culture.

They look ahead. A helpful colleague hands them a 10 page paper form titled “Submit your Idea” with the words, “They’ll get back to you within a year”.

We will never know what idea the two Mehlsen twins had that day. It was lost in the fog of an outdated corporate innovation culture.

But, in its place, the spark of Ideanote was born. And a mission to make ideas matter, for everyone.

Why we do it.

We're closing the innovation gap.

There is a growing disconnect between how many companies want to have an innovation process that delivers and how many do.

Despite 93 percent of executives seeing organic growth through innovation as the most important driver of future revenue, 59 percent of all companies have not implemented a formal process for ideas.

Complex platforms, insane prices and a consultant heavy approach to implementation are stopping companies and managers from delivering on their innovation goals.

Removing the barriers to implementing actionable idea and innovation management helps more new businesses get started, expedites growth for existing companies, and helps make more of the right ideas matter, globally

What we do.

We're a product company.

We're building the world's first innovation-led growth platform so teams and companies can collect, develop and act on the best ideas from employees and customers without any of the busywork.

By combining idea collection, idea management, engagement and impact analytics in one single and easy to use platform Ideanote democratizes access to the tools of innovation and empowers small teams and enterprises alike to make innovation-led growth a reality. Businesses of every size — from new startups to public companies — use our software to power their innovation.

Trusted by 2.000+ innovative companies

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